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Rover Bronco CRT Tiller


Rover Bronco CRT Tiller features gear drive with cast-iron transmission, counter rotating tines and a tilling width of up to 36cm (14").

The Rover Bronco CRT Tiller has a 208cc Rover engine for a consistent performance.  This easy to use machine features a 36cm (14") tilling width for smaller jobs and 25cm (10") counter rotating tines to break new ground and maintain a garden of most soil types.

  • 208cc Rover Engine for a dependable performance

  • A durable gear drive with cast-iron transmission

  • Counter Rotating Tines (CRT) that help break up new ground, great for areas with compact soil.

Engine:  208cc Rover engine

Handle:  Loop & bail for ease of use

Tilling Width:  36cm (14")

Tines:  25cm (10") counter rotating

Tine Shield:  38cm (15")

Tyres:  28cm (11")

Warranty:  2 year engine & unit domestic warranty. 90 day commercial warranty

Rover Bronco counter rotating tine cultivator
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