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The Bushranger 30 Ton log splitter provides commercial quality and power at an affordable price. Fitted with a Kohler Command Pro CH395 (9.5hp / 7.1kw / 277cc) engine, an auto return valve with a 10.9 second cycle time, log cradle and a dual wedge fitted as standard. The quality features throughout this log splitter will provide many years of reliable service.


  • 30 Ton Splitting Force 50mm Tow Hitch Standard

  • Log Cradle Standard

  • Heavy duty U-shape formed beam construction

  • 610mm Hydraulic Cylider Stroke

  • 45mm Hydraulic Rod Diameter

  • 22.5 litres Hydraulic Tank Capacity, Plenty of room for fluid to keep flowing and stay cool



Bushranger 30 ton logsplitter



New  25Ton Log Splitter  Now Available

  • Engine (cc)

    277 cc

  • Engine

    Kohler Command Pro CH395 (9.5hp / 7.1kw / 277cc) commercial grade horizontal shaft engine

  • HP

    9.5 hp

  • Hydraulic Ram Cylinder: (mm)

    115 mm

  • Hydraulic Tank Capacity: (L)

    22.5 litres

  • Maximum Log Length: (mm)

    655 mm

  • Pump: (L)

    Two stage 64.35 LPM

  • Shipping Dimensions: (mm)

    1890 mm x 745 mm x 630 mm

  • Shipping Weight: (kg)

    313 kg including crate

  • Tow Hitch: (mm)

    50.8 mm

  • Wedge: (mm)

    190 mm

  • Working Height: (mm)

    800 mm

  • Beam Lock

    Keeps beam secure

  • Boxed Drawbar with Handle

    Designed for strength & manoeuvrability

  • Coiled Hoses

    Steel coil covered hoses - protected for longer life

  • Cylinder Connection

    Engineered for increased strength

  • In-Tank Suction Screen

    Better hydraulic fluid filtration

  • Log Cradle - Now with Larger Log Cradle

    Standard fitment, integrated log cradle keeps logs in place for hands free (safer/faster) splitting

  • Operating Position

    Horizontal & vertical operation

  • Solid Foot Piece

    Increased Strength

  • Stripper Plates

    Integrated for rigidity, capable of removing stuck logs

  • Capacity

    30 Tons of splitting force

  • Utility Jack

    Adjustable utility jack provides solid support during splitting

  • Valve

    Auto return valve - speeds up the log splitting process

  • Cycle Time

    10.9 seconds

  • Valve Position

    Ergonomically positioned for operator comfort

  • Wheels / Tyres

    4.80" - 8 DOT Approved 16" O.D Road Tyres

Rover 33 ton logsplitter


The Rover 33 Ton Log Splitter features a 277cc Rover Engine and 33 Tons of Ram Pressure giving you the power to cut larger logs.  It has a 64cm (25") length log capacity making light work of large piles of wood. It can be used both Horizontally and vertically.

  • 277cc Rover Engine

  • 64cm (25") log capacity.

Model: 24AK59M5333

Engine: 277cc Rover engine

Ram Pressure: 33 tons

Ram Cycle: 19 seconds

Log Capacity: 64cm (25") length

Operation: Horizontal/Vertical

Warranty: 2 years

Rover 8 ton logsplitter


The Rover 8 Ton Log Splitter features a 141cc Rover OHV Engine for consistent performance. It has a 48cm (19”) length log capacity with a 24 second ram cycle. It can be used horizontally which is ideal for logs that are being carried to the log splitter and allows you to split wood directly into acatchment such as a wheelbarrow.

  • 141cc Rover Engine

  • 48cm (19") length log capacity

Model 24AA5DML333

Engine123cc Rover Engine

Ram Pressure 8 tons

Ram Cycle 24 seconds

Log Capacity 48cm (19") length

Operation Horizontal

Warranty 2 year engine & unit domestic warranty

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