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Razorback mowers is proudly distributed in Australia by Specialised Mowing Equipment (SME).

SME have been supplying the commercial mowing industry with products since 1984, when we began to import the Zero-Turn Walker Mowers from the USA. In the 30 years that SME has been operating, it has built-up a reputation as an honest, rock-solid business by focusing on the needs of its customers, whether resellers or end users.

Our range has grown and now incorporates the following high quality mowing and lawn care brands; BOB-CAT, Walker Mowers, Razorback and Green Climber. Our same day despatching of orders has maintained our reputation, and is a clear reflection on our mission, vision and values.


The fundamental engineering beneath the Razorback is more closely related to an excavator than a traditional lawn mower! Each machine is hand built, all components are heavy duty, designed for longevity. These units have evolved over several decades, the F1 platform that is the chassis, mechanical 4WD system, planetary front wheel drive units, shaft driven deck and cutter blades are all shared across the Razorback platform. This provides a systematic approach to manufacture and spare parts support, both major factors to consider when buying a mower of this calibre.

CMX1402 raxorback_edited.jpg

Razorback CM1401H - 2WD

38" Cutting Width, 

Honda GX390 Engine 


CM1401 - 2WD.jpg

Razorback CMX1402H - 4WD

38" Cutting Width 

Honda GX390 Engine 



Razorback CMX1808 - 4WD

38" Cutting Width, 

Vanguard 18.3HP




Razorback CMX2302 - 4WD

38" Cutting Width, 

Vanguard 23HP Engine